Your pet’s health and well being is our top priority. From dogs and cats to birds and fish, we give your pet the care they deserve. Come in for a routine check-up today!
Not sure if our office can address your pet’s specific needs? Give us a call seven days a week and we’ll be happy to discuss your individual circumstances and offer help and recommendations. We care about Hilo’s pets as part of out island community!

Standard Services

Our office cares for dogs, cats, and exotic pets. We offer preventative care and check-ups as well as specialized treatment plans for aging, ill or wounded animals, and emergency services offered for our routine/regular clients.

Specialty Services

Here at Maika'i Vet, we offer the best service in town with the most resources at our fingertips. We offer in-house dental cleanings, artificial insemination, laser therapeutic treatments, as well as orthopedics.


We are available for after-hours emergency services until 10:00 pm. This service is EXCLUSIVELY for our regular/routine clients seen within the past year. A regular/routine client is one who has established a client-doctor-patient relationship, such as semi-annual exams and vaccinations.

We provide an option for you to order your pets medication online. We utilize Vets First Choice for your convenience. Please visit the online store HERE.

A simple way to order your pets food is to visit our online food ordering service. Hill’s to Home. Here you have get all your great Hill’s products you know and love. Science Diet, Prescription Diet, and Healthy Advantage to name a few. Click the link to Register.

Caring for your Pet is always a priority, but you may not have the immediate financial capital to cover an emergency. We accept Care Credit to assist with this financial hardship. Your pets wellbeing is always our top priority. You can apply for Care Credit HERE.  

Your pet is with you through thick and thin. They are a real companion you could say they are a true companion. To get pet insurance visit Trupanion to get top coverage for the things your pet is most likely to experience.